Dank vapes cartridges, are one of the world’s leading vape cartridges. This vape carts can be used for many purposes and allows for discreetness and medicinal use, to help with a stressful day. Also, dank Vapes are becoming very popular and susceptible to the cartridge industry. Dank Vapes have been around for a few years, but they started becoming recognized more often sometime in 2018. Dank vape cartridges, have became so popular, it started going around states that don’t sell for recreational purposes, having people love these cartridges.

Because of this, the black market takes advantage of this opportunity and decided to fulfil their plans, by selling fake dank vape cartridges. This vape carts often contain pesticides, with the use of cannabis derived terpenes to produce fake dank cartridges. As such, people buy vape packaging in bulk, from Chinese manufacturers for the sole purpose of being refilled with any kind of oil which pleases them. This causes many fake vendors to sell these Dank Vapes.



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