How to Order Dank vapes Carts – How To Order Dankwoods Blunts 

  1. Open “OUR PRODUCT” page. Direct your mouse pointer or cursor to the top right section of our HOME page. Click/select “our product” to open the shop menu.
  2. Choose dankvapes flavors – dankwoods strains. You are expected to select the strains or flavors you like, depending on the purpose.
  3. Add To Cart. After selecting each product, click the “Add to cart” option.
  4. Checkout. Finally you are to checkout. When this is done, we will contact you for your delivery.


Facing Problems Placing An Order?

Incase of an issue while trying to place an order, contact us directly and place an order. Moreover, this will be easier, your order will be taken down immediately and signed in for delivery.

Therefore, get to the “CONTACT US” page and give us a call. +1 (209) 431-4129


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